You may just want to wake up in your dream because it’s fun to parkour.

Waking up

It helps to be present, aware. Conscious of what is happening, inside and outside of myself as an observer, just an observer, while I am awake.

The excitement of waking up in your dream usually wakes you out of it altogether. So it helps to stay calm when you wake up.

Dream Symbols

A dream symbol is one you choose (it can either already appear regularly in your dreams or you can intend the symbol and manifest it in your dreams to trigger a lucid dream.


I see cycles & patterns everywhere, by observing the universe, and by observing my experience, from day to day, moment to moment, in the ever-present now.

Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

On a personal level, we can deconstruct cycles & patterns into habits. But I am more concerned with addressing where the habitual behaviour arises from in the first place — this inner space, for lack of better words.

For the most part, the experience of my life unfolding has been unconscious, from a default space, upon the default interpretations & impacts of every experience since whatever the first one is, building on it —…

Will transitioning in a different energy make it easier? What do I mean by energy: The observed experience of being, where the thought & feeling manifest from. If we get misgendered, we don’t have to make it mean that we arent seen. So people ask invasive, even stupid questions. We don’t take it personal or even get upset, let it roll off us like water from a duck. Unless our life is in danger, we see beneath the ignorance to the complete unknown and fear therein, and be understanding as much as we need understanding, and take the opportunity to positively inform, not for ourself or even for them, but for the next one. We can’t control how people see us or if they see us, we can put ourselves out there, so that our existence is known, and I believe as people gain understanding from us, acceptance will follow.

I am the mother of a transgender person. There is no easy way to say that the mismatch of my child’s body and gender was not easy for me to understand or accept. I was born and raised in a time when things were considered black and white, there was no grey area, no celebrated rainbow, not really.

When my baby girl was born, I felt like the luckiest mother on earth. All I wanted was the best for her and to do things together as mother and daughter. But it didn’t look the way I thought it would.


It’s something that is usually carried with you through every moment of your life, printed on some surface, on peoples lips and voices, and afterwards, engraved on some surface and imprinted upon the memory of others for as long as they’re able to recall yours. Your name.

It’s kind of a big deal, and at the same time, it also doesn’t really matter. Not in the much bigger picture, anyway. It’s just something else we didn’t really have a say in, like the circumstances (or body) we were born into.

Visibility takes many forms. Sometimes the most powerful forms of visibility can be invisible to the eye.

In a world where we are conditioned and moulded in every way, visibility of / for the minority (of any kind) is crucial for the equality of all and to eradicate transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, [any]phobia — reactions ranging from antipathy to contempt, prejudice, aversion, irrational fear and even hatred. So that we may all begin to live and express ourselves in whatever way is authentic to our own experience, our inner knowing & truth.

The majority of people in the world don’t know the word transgender yet, in fact, they don’t know the word cisgender, although this may be the…

Lee Jacobsz

Transgender man sharing the perspective gained through his personal experience of physical and social transition.

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